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If you are looking for specific skills and qualifications required by the job market, you can enroll on our courses. 
The DADB courses are created in close cooperation with university professors in Germany and are geared towards the needs of teachers and students abroad as well as towards the requirements of industry.
The DADB courses aim to bridge the gap between academic theoretical teaching and practical industry requirements at an affordable price.

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5G Technology

Explore technologies, architecture and protocols

Internet of Things IoT

Navigate through the interconnected world  

Wind Power

Explore the potential of wind energy 

Solar Electric Energy Systems

The fundamentals and advanced concepts of solar technology 

Hydrogen I

Discover the latest technologies for the hydrogen and fuel cell industry 

Hydrogen II

Production, storage, transport and application of hydrogen 


Start moving with E-Mobility: basics and practice


Amol Dagaonkar

The Instructor did a good job of explaining complex concepts in a easy way to understand. The courseware was very detailed one, I have learned a lot and it is a great value add in my career growth. 


Akhil Arun Menon

 I am overwhelmed by the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained and truly gratified by the learning journey this course has offered. I highly recommend this course to anyone keen on understanding the future of connectivity and the exciting opportunities 5G brings.


Santanu Aich

This  course helps me to gain more depth knowledge.  I hope  to explore my career not only in India but In Germany or other European regions as well where this certificate will benefit me.


Md Hasibuzzaman

 The content of 5G course was exceptionally well-structured, providing in-depth insights into the complexities of 5G technology. The engaging format and knowledgeable instructors made the learning process both enjoyable and informative. Thank you for a valuable and empowering educational journey.


Sabiha Sahera

Informative and very useful course; I hope to explore more by internship opportunities in India and abroad.


Battala Sai Kumar

5g course is good; very important an duseful  to know how the network will transmit from one place to another. 


Motheeswaran K

The course overall provides a overview of key concept and evolution of legacy concepts. The content was well-structured and with practical examples.Personally I would like some more math in it and it would be awesome if Dr. Axel sikora gets it and takes lectures more instead of just the introduction.


Yogananda Srihari Prasad Gone

I am thrilled to express my gratitude for the enriching and fulfilling experience I had while completing the 5G Technology certification course. The partnership with DADB – German Academy of Digital Education has added a global perspective to the course, aligning it with the latest industry trends. 



Key highlight of the program was the experts who taught us all the way from basic to deeper communication technology.


Jayanta Saha

I got to learn 5G from scratch and not just learn the concepts but also observe the use cases demonstrated and it also helped me to gain insight into communication technology as a whole.  Thanks to the DADB team for providing me such an amazing learning experience.


Hemanth Kumar

It is good experience and notes also required much more understanding,also if we do practical it is very useful to us.


Yogananda Srihari Prasad Gone

I am thrilled to express my gratitude for the enriching and fulfilling experience I had while completing the 5G Technology certification course. This opportunity not only enhances my academic journey but also significantly contributes to my professional growth.


Dr K Saraswathi

Course content was good. It has good examples and has state of the art content. But few videos audio quality needs an improvement.



Course is good and very well explained.  More involvement with math could be great, especially  simulation exercises. 


Shaik Sabiha Sahera

Informative and useful course, hope I can  explore more and tie up with DADB through any job and internship opportunities.


Shankar J

Topics in this course formed in understandable form and even the explanation about each topic was very good.


Shubham Nahata

The course structure is very meticulously designed with focus on practical application based learning as well.  The knowledge gained will also help me in acing my discipline courses . I have also read a lot of articles outside of the course curriculum and it has helped me gain a solid perspective on the subject matter.  Overall I just feel DABD entered into my life furing the right moment!


Subodh Katiyar

The course tried to cover a little bit of the foundations like frequency, bandwidth, spectrum but it steered clear of the topics like trunk and saturation which might be useful. There should be more of how to do and access to tools in order for this course to make 5G engineers.


Subham Kumar Singh

The course content was nice. The player can be improved by including the captions along with video lectures. Basics of communication (Modulation techniques for 5G, protocols, etc.) can be included.



I was a great learning experience from DADB. I appreciate your acknowledgement. Thank you so much.


Ramesh Gorantala

Extremely happy to have attended the program and could pass through the certification process.

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